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Virtual Visits with Six Colleges of Ohio

Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio

Kelsey Ellis-Dir of Admission

· ‘Celebrates the Arts’

· Liberal arts residential campus

· Springfield area has about 65,000 residents

· 1-hour west of Columbus

· Dayton is 30 minutes away

· 1600 students

· Downtown area is within walking distance

· Top Majors

o Business

o Biology

o Education

· New programs:

o Nursing

o Exercise Science

o Data Science

· Students live on campus all four years

· D3 Athletics

o Brand new indoor athletics facility with athletic field & track

· 11:1 student/faculty ratio

· 18 average class size

· 49% of students are women

· 51% of students are men

· 23% of students are of color

· 99% receive financial aid

· Welcoming community atmosphere;

o The tradition to hold doors open for each other (literally & figuratively)

o Very Involved student body

· Passionate about community service

o Students are required to do 30 hours of service before graduation

· Compass Success Center is strong on campus

· Other Notes of Interest:

o Pandemic Response: making a decision about Fall by July 1

o Committed to returning in the fall; partnering with local officials and they have a health & safety committee that includes alumni in the medical field.

o Committed to less-density housing; single room at the price of a double

o Promoting well-being first- ‘wrap-around’ care – checking in with all students

o Deferral: let students defer a semester or year; scholarships awarded carry with deferrals; deferral is void if you take courses somewhere else

Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio

Stefanie Niles-VP for Enrollment and Communications

· If you remember one thing, remember we are the home of the OWU-

· “Think Big, Go Global (70% off-campus study abroad) and Get Real, internships”

· Over 90 majors

· Almost 30% of students double major

· Top programs

o Zoology

o Business

o Psychology

o Health and Human Kinetics

o Politics and Government

· 25 minutes north of Columbus which provides internships

· Walking distance to downtown Delaware a nice college town(@40,000 residents)

· Bishop Access Program, small with 15 students per year who need extra support. It is a fee-based program.

· Resident renewal project: Smith Hall will be an all-first year. Community; Milligan is an apartment complex for seniors.

· Scholarships

o 97% of students receive need or merit-based awards

o Branch Rickey Recipients: 3.4 GPA, 24 ACT to qualify

· Other Notes of Interest:

o Pandemic Response: meeting regularly with local health officials to prep for a safe return in fall. Serving as a 1st responder site (either for isolation or for their families – considered a safe partner.

o Decision deadline extended to June 1

o Deferral policy: case by case basis; usually allow 10-15 but so far only 3 requests this year

Kenyon College, Gambier, OhioGambier, OhioGambier, OhioGambier, Ohio

Diane Anci, Dean of Admissions

· Kenyon College-saying “We are here on purpose”

· Liberal arts college – a tremendous sense of place and purpose; self-expression important

· Students are encouraged to “Dive In, Use Imagination, and Explore”

· Demands attention from students

· Graduates are revered are writing and communications skills

· Ability to express themselves-drive and character; motto: good writing is good thinking

· Seek data, ask questions, think beyond the period, embrace viewpoints of others

· Good writers need good editors

· 1700 students 50 states and 60+ countries

· California and New York- highest representation; actually Los Angeles & NYC

· 20% of students of color

· 10% international students

· Meet full need financially

· Fully residential campus

· Four Division Academics

o Fine Arts

o Humanities

o Sciences

o Social Sciences

· 90%+ retention rate

· Study abroad: ½ of Junior class goes on study abroad

· 80% of graduates go onto graduate or professional school within 3 years

· Other Notes of Interest:

o Pandemic Response: senior staff meets weekly; largest employer in Knox County where there have only been 20 cases of Covid-19

o Great collaboration to get students back to campus

o When given a refund after school ended at spring break, hundreds of families returned refund for college biggest needs

o Deferrals: usually 15-20/year but at this point only 5 requests; they will be flexible; policy is not to enroll mid-year but might consider for those students who only want a deferral for a semester.

o Holistic review – not a rigid formula; each app is read multiple times; they are not test-optional but may consider it

Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio

Manuel Carballo, VP and Dean of Admissions

· “Education for a purpose”

· Traditional small liberal arts college: founded 1833; 1837: went coed

· 2800 students (most represented states NY & CA)

· Oberlin is a town of 8,000

· Academic college with a premiere music conservatory

o Over 500 concerts a year

o 240 other event performances (dance, operas, etc.)

· Humanities

· Social Sciences

· 45 minutes from downtown Cleveland

· 50 minutes from Cleveland airport

· Oberlin sends more students to a Ph.D. program than any other college in the nation.

· First predominately white institution to admit black students

· First institution to go co-ed

· Other Notes of Interest:

o Pandemic response: in constant communication with Marion County; helpful and supportive environment to get students off campus safely; kept 300 students on campus; not just international students – students with tough situations at home

o COVID-specific course for admitted students: 550 admitted students being engaged with faculty and peers from the new Class of 2024 – will continue engagement over summer

o Did not extend SIR date; kept at May 1

o Mid-late June will let students know the plan for Fall

o The holistic admissions process will be flexible with P/F, C/NC HS courses

o Test-optional 3-year optional consideration.

Denison University, Granville, Ohio

Drew Riley-Director of Admission

· Four-year fully residential small liberal arts college

· “Launching Lives & Launching Careers”

· 2300 undergraduates

· Students come from 50 states and 56 countries

· 17% international students

· 16 first gen

· Small New England-style village for this college town

· 25 minutes from Columbus

· 9:1 student/faculty ratio

· Innovation and pragmatism within liberal arts

· Global Education: Data analytics, Health and exercise, global health, commerce, all strong programs – and typically uncommon for a small liberal arts college

· Athletics D3

· Arts -just built a new performing arts center

· 25-35% Greek

· Meets 100% demonstrated need

· Other Notes of Interest:

o Pandemic response: they plan to open for residential education and are scenario planning by looking at a late start, block scheduling with course structures, etc.

o They did not extend deposit deadline; they are full and accepting no more applications

o Deferral requests have to be in by June 1; typically, have been a year; may consider semester requests.

o P/F; C/NC options: they do their best to re-calculate GPA, students will not be penalized and will be considered for scholarships; will give a stronger look at course rigor and personal attributes

o Test-optional – they have been for 10 years now

College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio

Scott Friedhoff-VP for Enrollment

· Integrated research within the curriculum

· Every student has to do a major research project at the end of senior year. Each semester students are mentored and taught a class to prepare for research projects with faculty – creating new knowledge; artistic original project.

· Student Symposium of all the projects are presented in the Spring

· It is an activist, socio-political campus

· The City of Wooster is an economically diverse downtown and allows for many internships

· Cleveland clinic operations with int Wooster and high tech too

· Most ‘internationalized’ campus in Ohio

· Homecoming features a Cricket Match & a football game Other Notes of Interest:

· Other Notes of Interest:

o Pandemic response: several hundred stayed on campus. The plan is developing with strategies for on and off-campus students

o Emotional, Health and social activities going on; still have drop-in counseling, club meetings, Instagram live take-overs.

o Food Services created food bags for students for Ramadan

o Extended acceptance deadline to June 1

o Deferrals: let students do what they are most comfortable; they are preparing for the largest spring semester than ever.

o P/F, C/NC: hold harmless the student; work with counselors to understand HS


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