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Just wanted to thank you so much for all your help in the college application process. Loved that you kept Caroline on a great timeline and all the different college suggestions she would never have considered. Not to mention the great help with her essays. Amazingly, everywhere she heard back from she got in and most with merit. Thanks again for all your help and I hope you will save room for my freshman in a couple of years.

Ann Marie, mother of Caroline, Providence College Class of 2022

When we went to the first meeting at my daughter’s high school about applying to college, they made a very strong point in that this is not “the parents’” process; this is “the students’” process.  They warned us that if the parents try to control the process, it would be miserable for all. The parents need to step aside and allow their children to figure it out…yeah, right!!!  How do you step aside and allow your child to manage a process that will lead to the biggest decision of their life, so far.  That is where College Quest Advising can step in and help.  They take the emotion out of the process and help your child focus on how to evaluate what they want and to get them through the work of applying.  This does not mean the parents are not involved, but instead of following up on the details, we can consider the options and advise our children.  The guidance and support that Mary provided to both of my daughters was invaluable to help them through the application process and ultimately make their decisions.  She was able to point out things in their applications and essays that I would never have considered. The goal in applying to college is not to get into every school a student thinks they want to go to, but it is to find the right fit, and that is exactly what Mary did for my daughters. I highly recommend using College Quest Advising.

Tracie and Bob, parents of Lauren, University of Connecticut School of Engineering class of 2019 and Meaghan, The George Washington University class of 2021


Thank you very, very much for all of your time, work, and efforts on Karna’s behalf (and on behalf of our whole family!) with her entire college application, decision making, and preparation process!  We were incredibly impressed with your commitment, focus, and dedication to Karna and her college journey.  In today’s world of college applications and admissions, there are unparalleled challenges and a seemingly unending supply of misinformation - and stress!  Thanks to you, Mary, and CQA’s approach, the entire process was far easier and far less stressful than we could have ever imagined.  Perhaps most impressive was that you not only helped guide Karna to acceptance by her #1 choice (SMU!) but also to acceptance by her TOP 8 schools!  In fact, she was accepted by every single school that she wanted to attend.  She was 8 for 8, and we will be forever grateful for the options and possibilities that you helped deliver.  And, finally, we really can’t thank you enough for the mediation you provided and the opportunities for "freedom of speech” that you created in every direction in our family - between us and Karna, between her and her sisters, and between the two of us!

Geoffrey & Nicole, Parents of Karna, Southern Methodist University, Class of 2020


We are so thankful that we had Mary to help guide us through the college application process. She was instrumental in helping our son find the colleges that would be best for him and was a great sounding board for our daughter in her search for the right university for her. It is overwhelming as a parent to navigate this stressful time with your child but having Mary help us made it much easier!
Ira and Michele, Parents of Spencer, University of Oregon, Class of 2019 and Julia, University of Missouri, Class of 2021


I wanted to let you know that I sent in my deposit for Chapman tonight and I could not be more excited for the fall! Without you, I never would have considered, or even heard of, Chapman. Thank you for everything you've done for me over the last year and for helping me through this process because I don't know how I would've done it without you. I'm so grateful. Maria Teresa, Chapman University, Class of 2021


Renée, thank you so much for all you’ve done for us and our children. As parents of twins, you made our lives so much easier as this was our first time dealing with this college selection process. We’re so pleased that we took your advice and started working with you in their sophomore year; as that gave them the right foundation they needed to complete the rest of their high school years with a consistent vision of getting themselves into their desired college. We believe that hiring College Quest Advising was one of the best things we did in and we feel it truly made an impact on, not only them working harder in their junior & senior high school years, but also with the final result of getting them into two wonderful colleges! 

Steve & Denise, Parents of Stephen, Babson College, Class of 2021 and Julianna, Elon University, Class of 2021

Thank you for all of your help with Sophie! I can’t gush enough about how your help smoothed out what has become a high stakes game for too many. Helping Sophie really identify what she needed/wanted (not just programs but facilities, location, vibe) meant that she had her list ready when applications opened. And she had a plan of attack (ED vs. Early Acceptance vs. Regular Decision) that she never would have thought about otherwise. She saved so much time by only applying to schools that made sense from the get-go. Thinking about what were reach vs. safety schools made her feel more in control of the application process. And having the help during the actually applications (I remember you FaceTimed her for the first round!) meant she never felt she was alone or without support. We can’t wait to work with you again. It was such a fantastic experience for her, words I haven’t heard any of my friends say, and it was because of your constant gentle pressure that kept her on track and moving forward. You guys made a great team and we are so grateful to have found you! Thank you, thank you!

KB, Parent of Sophie, Class of 2022

College Quest Advising was an unbelievable help to us and of course our two boys as we went through the application and decision process. What seemed an overwhelming task was made much more efficient and, we believe, much more successful.  Renée used her experience and knowledge of individual colleges and their admissions processes to make both our kids applications stand out.  She was also cheerleader to us all during the whole process.

Wendi & Joe, Parents of Matt, Providence College, Class of 2018 and Alex, College of the Holy Cross, Class of 2020


From start to finish, Renée was spot on, we couldn’t have done it without her. No one knows the ins and outs of the college application process than Renée. The process can be intimidating and daunting, but Renée breaks it down one step at a time, to make it easy. We left our worries at home, as Renée walked us thru the process in a calm, organized fashion. Having twin boys go thru the lengthly college application process was even more overwhelming, and Renée was incredible understanding and helpful. She was there for us every step of the way. She has an easy, wonderful way of connecting with her students. We love Renée, and can’t thank her enough!  My twin boys are really excited to head off to college in the fall, and I can say with 100% certainty that Renée played the critical role in this process.  We can’ t thank her enough!

JoAnn and Steve, Parents of twin boys Ben and Jon, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Class of 2021

Thank you so much for your help and advice in the complex college process. For some it’s overwhelming, but you broke it down for me to make it so simple. I am sure that I would not be having success getting into these schools without your great advice. Once again, thanks for everything!!

Jon, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Class of 2021


Thank you so much for all of your help and advice over the past year. You have helped me so much and I truly appreciate it! I am lucky enough to say that I have been accepted to all of my schools. Once again, thank you.

Ben, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Class of 2021


Working with CQA was a great experience because they helped keep me on track. Because the application process is stressful, I tended to think at times that procrastinating would help take the pressure off, but thanks to Renée, I was on track at all times and got my tasks done with plenty of time to spare. I was always comfortable and honest when speaking of preparation as well as opinion on each school. Without CQA to prepare me for college, I can confidently state that I would not have been as successful in my applications and results, as wells as my school choice.

Ailish, University of Pittsburg, Class of 2021


I just wanted to update you on how everything is going. I absolutely love American University! It is the best possible fit for me. Thank you for all your help with the college process. I know I would not been accepted to American University without your help; let alone even have looked at it at all! Thanks again.

Isabel, American University, Class of 2021

I want to thank you again for all the help you have given me this past year. The college application process is so hectic that I don’t think I would have ever survived it without your guidance, (and I definitely wouldn’t have gotten into UPenn)! You really took a lot of stress out of the process for me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that. 
Kathryn, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2016

We’ve now sent two daughters off to college. One chose to rely on her high school

guidance team and the other opted to work with Renée Serrano at CQA. Believe us

when we tell you there really is no choice. Go with Renée and your student will be

prepared, organized and ahead of the game in every aspect of this process. Even

better, by decision-time your student will have determined which school really is

the best fit so you will be left with no regrets when that final college decision is

made. Priceless!!

Heather and John Sievers, Parents of Becca, San Diego State University, Class of 2020


I cannot thank you enough for all your help with my son’s college applications. Your inspiration and support was priceless and life altering for both my son and I. Applying to college has become such a complicated process and your direction and management of the process is amazing!
Teddy, Parent of Peter, University of Rhode Island, Class of 2016

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your hard work with our daughter, Ali. The college application process was scary to us and you made it manageable. Your help lead Ali to recognize all of her potential and helped the many colleges see her strengths. You do your work so gracefully and naturally-that is truly a gift. Please know and remember the difference you made in Ali’s life and therefore in our lives, too. We are so grateful to you.
Kathleen, Parent of Ali, Quinnipiac University, Class of 2016

College Quest Advising was instrumental in making sure that my son’s college application stood out in a pool of applications. Renée’s attention to detail in choosing the right high school classes, summer activities, college essays and résumé made all the difference.  We are confident that my son’s application was the very best reflection of his strengths and everything he could bring to a university.  Not only did College Quest help with ensuring he was looking at colleges that would be the best fit for him, but the end product (his college application) ensured that he had great choices when the college decisions came out.”

Heather, Parent of Luke, Northwestern University, Class of 2020


I can never thank you enough for helping Michelle achieve the first step in her future. Your wonderful energy, positive attitude and endless knowledge made her college search experience one filled with happiness and hope for the future…thank you so very much.
Barbara, Parent of Michelle, American University, Class of 2016 and Jenni, Michigan State University, Class of 2020

Thank you for all your work with Harrison, and helping him get into the school of his choice.  You were there for him with all the details from start to finish with everything he needed to get his applications done and submitted.  It made what could be a very stressful time much more enjoyable!

Karen and Keith, Parents of Harrison, University of Utah, Class of 2020


Thank you so much for all the help you gave me throughout this whole application process. It made it so much easier on both myself and my parents.
Dan, Wesleyan University, Class of 2016

Our daughter was overwhelmed with the college process. CQA helped her to break it down and feel more comfortable. The last thing our daughter wanted was advice from her parents...this is where CQA was most valuable. They were able to relate to her well and our daughter listened. By the end of the process her self-esteem had risen and she was excited about going to college. We are forever grateful to CQA.
Cynthia, Parent of Anabel, University of Mary Washington, Class of 2016

College Quest Advising helped ease my stress through the college process. Thanks to them, I was able to stay organized and ahead of the game. I do not know where I would have been without them. I am excited to attend UCLA this upcoming year.
Caroline, UCLA, Class of 2017

We could not have gotten through this process and to this point without Renée Serrano and College Quest Advising. At first, the whole undertaking seemed so overwhelming and daunting, but with Renée's help and guidance, and constant reassurance, our daughter stayed on track, focused and motivated. Ultimately, she was accepted to wonderful university that is the best fit for her. We would recommend College Quest Advising to anyone looking to get the most out of the college application experience. 
Eileen and David, Parents of Madeleine, University of Michigan, Class of 2017 and Jack, Dartmouth College, Class of 2021

Renée made attending my dream school possible. She made the process so much less stressful and made sure I took full advantage of all my strengths throughout the application process. Renée made sure I was prepared for everything from college visits, essays, and interviews. I am so thankful that she helped me gain acceptance to every school that I thought were completely out of my reach.
Emily, Cornell University, Class of 2017

When it came time for fourth child to begin the college search and application process, we knew we needed some assistance. Our work schedules, combined with Caroline’s school, athletic and own work schedule, would not allow for proper research, guidance and decision-making. Well, our prayers where answered when we began to work with Renée Serrano, and CQA. Starting back in Caroline’s junior year, Renée worked diligently with our daughter to map out a time line and game plan. It was not an easy task for Renée, but here we are almost 2 years later packing Caroline’s bags to UCLA! A monumental acceptance, made easier by Renée and CQA. Thorough, professional and successful are just a few superlatives we can say about Renée’s work!
Paul and Kelley, Parents of Caroline, UCLA, Class of 2017

What a perfect way to take some of the stress out of the college process for our son and us. The best part was that by September of senior year, our son had 90% of his application done and could put his efforts where they belonged which was into getting good grades!
Noreen, Parent of Tyler, Elon University, Class of 2017

The college application process is nothing but stressful. However, when you’re working with Renée, she has a way to make you feel like you have everything under control. Without Renée, I do not think my college application experience would have been as smooth. She was always on top of everything and helped me with my essays, applications, and final decisions. Renée was there every step of the way, and had an answer for every question. Her brilliant and creative ideas made me feel more confident and prepared. All of our hard work paid off when I was accepted into my dream school. Thank you Renée for everything!

Rachel, Boston University, Class of 2017

I don’t think I have properly thanked you for your tremendous help in my college process. I am extremely happy with my choice to attend Northeastern. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without you-you’ve made a difference in my life path and I am forever grateful.
Mackenzie, Northeastern University, Class of 2017

I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful you have been with Alexa and how much she has appreciated your enthusiasm. Your support and encouragement has been immeasurable to both Alexa and myself. 
Rachele, Aunt of Alexa, Boston University, Class of 2018

We are truly grateful to Mary and College Quest Advising for the professional and personal service we all received, especially in the current environment of college applications. Today, the process is completely different and much more complex than back in our days of the 1980’s. We could not begin to guide our daughter without the pro-active, up-to-date, and detailed advice of CQA. Having another adult, not to mention a true expert in the field, providing one-on-one accountability and encouragement to our daughter was a gift. Most importantly, she ended up at her dream school and it fits her perfectly. 
Cari and Andy, Parents of Katie, Texas Christian University, Class of 2017

Renée I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Megan had the best experience of her life. I am very thankful for all you have done for her. I'm sure she's keeping you updated on everything. The communication was the best part. We really appreciate everything, This is a very exciting time for Megan.
Mandy, Parent of Megan, Northeastern University, Class of 2017

I really appreciate everything you have done, I truly feel without your ongoing advice and support she would not be on her way to Dartmouth. You are amazing and I can't begin to thank you for all you have done. It must be a wonderful feeling knowing that you are truly making a difference in the future of so many students!
Carrie, Parent of Caroline, Dartmouth College, Class of 2018

Renée has been so helpful and instrumental with both my children’s college process. My kids could not be more opposite in school, yet Renée was able to steer both in the right direction. As scary as the process was, Renée made my kids feel so good about themselves and kept them on track with every step. My daughter got into her top choice with Renée’s help and is very happy at her college, Syracuse University. My son, who didn’t take school as seriously as my daughter, got into all 10 schools that he applied to. Renée just made the process so easy, by giving the kids timelines of when things should be done. So my children never felt overwhelmed or pressed for time. Everything was already done. Renée was so helpful with writing the essay. She helped them figure out what they were going to write about and gave incredible advice for tweaking it and making it better. As far as for me, the parent- Renée took ALL of the stress off of me. She stayed on top of the kids to make sure they were following their time line. I never had to nag them about doing their work. My only job was the fun stuff, like visiting the schools. All I can say is Renée made the whole college process for me easy, stress free, and successful. I thank my lucky stars for having Renée on my team.
Lisa, mother of Jess, Syracuse University, Class of 2017 and Andrew, University of Delaware, Class of 2018

In this increasingly competitive and confusing world of college admissions, Mary and CQA has seamlessly guided two of our children through the selection and application process and helped them arrive at the best individual choices for each.  We appreciate the care and thoughtful feedback Mary provided throughout their respective journeys.  Moreover, since all kids are different, we were impressed by the fact that Mary did not implement a "cookie-cutter" approach and really took the time to personalize the program for each of our children. 

Kevin & Lisa, Parents of William, DePaul University, Class of 2019, Julianne, Boston University, Class of 2021, and Karly and Abby, Portola High School, Classes of 2020 & 2021.

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