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Virtual Visit with the University of Oregon

Go Ducks!

Connect 541 346 3201

Location Facts:

  • University of Oregon is located in Eugene, OR which is a two-hour drive to Portland, and an hour drive to the Pacific Ocean.

  • Students can fly into the Portland Airport, but is also able to fly into Eugene-a small airport

  • There are Shuttle services from Portland airport

  • Mount Hood around 2-2.5 hours

  • Eugene is located in the middle/west of Oregon

  • Around three hours to California

  • Eugene is #1 Green City and Top 3 cities for bicycling in the U.S.

  • UO is located on a 295-acre campus which looks like an arboretum, there is a guide online for this

  • UO is nestled along the Cascade mountains

  • There is less rain than Orlando and New York City!

Some Data to Consider:

  • 23K-80% are undergraduates

  • 240 academic programs

  • 16:1 student/teacher ratio

  • In the Top 50 of public institutions

  • AAU member of this for over 50 years Association of American Universities and is the only school in Oregon to belong to it.

  • Tier 1 National Public research University, 75% of student are engaged in research activities

  • Frosh don’t get admitted into specific major for admission to UO

  • Don’t have different admit rates for majors

  • Business majors can get into the program directly, but can usually get into business later in their college

  • Architecture is very selective, but admission will take the student even if they don’t get into the School of Architecture.

What’s New:

  • Opening in 2020-Knight Campus (Nike founder is an alum) (A new complex which is on campus)

  • for accelerating scientific impact-redefining research

  • 2nd floor incubator space where students will have space to collaborate


Two new majors:

  • Data science

  • Neuroscience

  • It does not have a medical school, nor engineering, or nursing.

Performing and Visual Arts Major:

  • The arts are wonderful, thriving, and diverse on our campus.

  • We have a variety of BFA programs, one of the oldest theater programs in the West, and both music and dance. In particular, a lot of people don’t realize how deep the music program is, or that it’s one of the few in the US that is actually growing in enrollment right now. Part of that is due to a longstanding high regard for our performance faculty, who are much more likely to be full-time than music faculty in bigger cities; part of it is our longtime reputation as the host of the Oregon Bach Festival, which attracts enormous audiences and artists worldwide for over 30 years; and part of it is that music has smartly added majors like popular music in the past few years.

  • Also, while I have no idea what will happen with it this summer, you should always point any good choral performers you have to the OBF’s Youth Choral Academy for an incredible summer experience, and it’s a lot more than Bach. Music and Dance: Theatre Arts: BFA programs (and also BA, BS, and minors in Art):

Computer Science:


  • However, to my knowledge, AI is not a key component, even if I would think they do some work in it.

  • With areas that connect this to Data Sciences and other related fields, the UO is doing plenty on this broad front of Computing, though, to be sure, such as Blockchain.

Majors Website Page:

  • Check out I think you’ll agree this page goes beyond a lot of the “static” lists out there around the country. You can look up things by college/school, etc., but check out how we’ve also got keywords you can use, too. To give you an idea how well this works, type in “data science” and look at what all appears!

Fisheries and Marine Sciences Programs:

  • Our Oregon Institute of Marine Biology is on the coast, 2.5-3 hours away in the tiny town of Charleston. MarBio majors will spend at least one or two terms living there, and if that’s too intense a commitment, we have some students instead do the “Marine concentration” within the Biology department.

  • We have a submarine, and focus on a lot of things related to starfish and invertebrate topics. All the details are at

Most popular majors are at University of Oregon:

Here are the top ten majors of the 2019 freshman class

  • Exploring (which is what we call Undecided)

  • Business

  • Psychology

  • Biology

  • Human Physiology

  • Political Science

  • Pre-Journalism

  • Marine Biology

  • Architecture

  • Computer/Information Science

  • Pre-Education

Study abroad is something they encourage highly.

  • 25% of the students participate in 300 study abroad programs in 90 countries.

  • There is a new freshmen program where before they get on campus, the go to London for a five-week program. UO has also added Singapore for a 5-week program.

Some Facts:

  • UO is on a quarter system calendar.

  • It offers many varieties of activities.

  • 20 D1 level sports in Pac 12

  • 42 club sports teams

  • 33 National Championships, mostly in track and field.

  • Athletics is D1 and belongs to the Pac 12

  • UO is an outdoorsy place

  • 300+ student clubs and organizations.

  • All frosh have to live on campus

  • In the top 20 universities for graduating under-represented minorities.

  • One of the top 25 LBGTQ-friendly colleges and universities.

  • There is an Honor’s college

  • There are residential communities

  • UO is a very diverse campus, in fact, the freshmen class is more diverse than the state of Oregon.

  • U of Oregon has gone Test Optional.

  • Holistic review process

  • 3 ways to apply: Common App, Coalition App, and Oregon Application

  • Oregon Guarantee-freshmen are locked in the tuition rate for five years.

  • There has been an increased attention to freshmen advising and UO has built another new building, called Tyson Hall.

Clark Honors College:

  • Oldest Clark? Honor’s College in the country. Small program and students can apply through. Applicants have to write an extra essay for this.

  • The Clark Honors College is an amazing treasure on our campus, perennially ranked among the top in the country, and (founded in 1962) one of the oldest two in the country.

  • The CHC has experienced rapid growth in applications and enrollment in just the last two years, and this fall hopes to enroll 350-375 freshmen from its applicant pool of ~3700.

  • A revision to the curriculum will make the program better than ever for your students with AP/IB/Cambridge credit. More info:


  • Early Action Deadline: November 1 45% apply EA

  • Regular Deadline: January 15

  • Document deadline: February 15

  • National Decision Day: May 1

UO Scholarships:

STAMPS Full scholarship

  • GPA: 3.85 SAT: 1300 ACT: 28

  • Awarded to about 5-6 in state students and 5-6 out of state students have to apply by November 1st deadline.

UO Excellence $15,000 per year

  • GPA: 3.9 SAT: 1450 ACT: 33

Summit: $10,000 per year Automatic

  • GPA: 3.80 SAT: 1250 ACT: 26

Apex $7500 per year Automatic

  • GPA: 3.6 SAT: 1220 ACT: 25

Diversity Excellence $6500 per year

  • GPA: 3.0

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