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Gettysburg College Alumni Interview

May 27, 2020

I was thrilled to interview two recent graduates from the Class of 2020. Meira and High were excited and eager to chat about Gettysburg College and are already devoted alumni, for sure.

Meira Ruben

· Majored: Sociology

· Minored: Political Science and Peace, and Justice Studies

Arthur “High” Garst

· Majored: Environmental Science in both Policy and Biology

· Minored: Religious Studies


A few things about Gettysburg she loved…

  • Because of the small classes, there is less competition in classes and more opportunities for students

  • Professors truly want to help students and are invested in them too.

  • When she went into the Sociology department to declare her major, there was a professor in the office at that time. He asked her if she was interested in doing sociology research with him in Singapore, which she did participate in and it was fantastic.

  • There are lots of ‘free’ travel doing research abroad, etc.


A few things about Gettysburg he loved…

  • Gettysburg is a community. It feels like the professors truly care about students.

  • Gettysburg is big enough to meet new people but small enough to feel comfortable and gain opportunities.

  • Professors get to know students very well and are always available.

  • High participated in two research trips to different countries.

  • He did an internship in Washington DC where he connected with several alumni

  • GC alumni is a very strong community and are passionate about Gettysburg

Admissions Counselor: TAYLOR BROWN

Contact Information: tbrown@gettysburg.edu


1. What’s unique about Gettysburg College?

  • We are a residential liberal arts college, right in the heart of the world-famous historic town of Gettysburg, which receives 3 million visitors per year!

  • We are also just 60 minutes from Baltimore and 80 minutes from Washington, DC!

  • We use the battlefield as a teaching tool, and for students who are interested, we even have a minor in Civil War Era Studies and a residential Civil War Era Studies house for upperclassmen!

  • Whether you are a “history person” or not, students enjoy the high energy and activity that comes from living in a tourist town

  • The Eisenhower Institute is a center for public policy and leadership, with locations both on campus and one block from the White House.

  • Through the institute, students can engage in the world of politics and policy by taking co-curricular courses taught by experts from outside of the college (such as Susan Eisenhower!).

  • Each course culminates in an off-campus trip (Israel, Normandy, etc.), and career connections abound from these programs! Open to ALL majors.

  • The Sunderman Conservatory of Music of Gettysburg College is unique in that we are one of few liberal arts colleges to have a fully integrated music conservatory, perfect not only for passionate students who want to major in music performance but also for those who wish to pursue music as a hobby—as an example, we are the only college in our conference to have a marching band!

  • Health Sciences: GC is one of few colleges of liberal arts and sciences to boast a Health Sciences major, perfect for students who wish to pursue any area of the healthcare profession.

  • GC has many research opportunities, not only in Health Sciences, but in all other sciences, and humanities as well.

  • Phenomenal Study Abroad Programs: GC has programs for ALL majors, and 60% of students study abroad for a semester year. All financial aid carries over, and you even receive credits for your flight!

  • Our study abroad programs are ranked #2 in the country by the Institute of International Education.

  • First-Year Seminar Program: All students engage in a first-year seminar during their first semester, a special topics course capped at 16 students on a wide range of topics, from Why People Dance to Physics and Philosophy.

  • First-year housing is based on your seminar, so you get to live with students who share a common interest with you!

2. What characteristics differentiate an applicant who is a good fit for Gettysburg College?

  • Students who appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of the liberal arts and wish to combine many interests!

  • Many of our students are also very interested in conducting research in either the sciences or humanities (or both!).

  • Students who are very eager to be involved! The students here love the residential community and are always engaged on campus.

3. Do you have helpful suggestions for students who are applying to Gettysburg College?

  • Demonstrated interest matters! If you can visit the campus, interview on or off-campus, reach out to us!

  • If Gettysburg is your first choice, I would highly recommend applying Early Decision!

  • Don’t worry if you’re not sure what you want to study yet! You don’t have to apply to a specific major, nor do you need to declare a major until the end of sophomore year. The students here can pursue any combination of double majors and minors.

For more information, go to gettysburg.edu


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