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Virtual Visit with the University of Michigan

University of Michigan is now offering virtual options to visit and learn


  • University of Michigan is located in Ann Arbor, MI which is a great college town and walkable city.

  • Is only 30 minutes from Detroit airport and there is a free shuttle to and from airport during breaks, and $10$ shuttle during the other times during the year.

More Information:

  • Large public research institution

  • 30K undergraduate population

  • 6800 freshmen class

  • 7% international students

  • 20% in Greek life

  • 50% students are from Michigan

  • All 50 states are represented in student body

  • 92 countries are represented too

Popular programs:

  • 70% of its programs are ranked in the top 10[MB1]

  • 80% of its programs are ranked in the top 20

  • Research-#1 research institution in the U.S. and students can start research as early as freshmen year.

  • Research spans all the academic programs at UMich.

  • Students can only apply to one program only, except for the art and music programs-students can apply dually to another program.

Study Abroad:

  • #5 in nation for total number of students participating in a Study abroad,

Learning Communities:

  • Learning Communities are a good way to transition to campus.

  • Meet other students with similar interests or similar goals.

  • Small community feel to its learning communities.

Honors programs fall into the Learning Communities:

  • Residential College-small liberal arts programs-emphasizing languages

  • Liberal Arts & Sciences LSA: include honors housing and other opportunities

  • Both LSA Honors College and the Residential College have an application process that opens up in the spring of each year.


  • Only admit to certain school or college at UMich, not a specific major/program.

  • There are 14 different schools and colleges, but applicants can apply to seven schools/colleges at UMich as a prospective student.

  • For the other seven schools/colleges, students have to be either a sophomore or junior to apply.

Colleges and Schools at University of Michigan

  • College of Engineering:

  • 2nd largest in the nation

  • 17 different majors within the School of Engineering

  • Students apply at the end of freshmen year.

  • School of Nursing-smaller program which is a four-year direct admit program.

  • There is no secondary application

  • UMich School of Nursing does accept cross campus transfer applicants at the sophomore level.

  • Last year Nursing received approximately 1200 freshman applications and admitted approximately 300 students. Nursing looks to enroll a class of approximately 150 students.

  • School of Kinesiology

  • Another smaller school at UMich

  • Stamps School of Art and Design

  • Students have to submit portfolio

  • School of Education

  • School of Music, Theater, and Dance

  • One of the top performing programs in country.

  • Have to choose a specific major on applications, most will have to submit an artistic profile.

  • Ross School of Business:

  • One of the top business schools in the country.

  • 80% of their class for Ross is from high school seniors applying directly into program (20% of spaces left are for undecided students and other university transfers-limited spaces)

  • It is a two-tiered admissions program, they will get admitted to another program first and then the student will be considered for admissions at the Ross School of Business.

  • There are very few spots later in their academic career to transfer into this program. Last year Ross reviewed 6,707 preferred admission applications and admitted 807 of those students.

  • Best chance for admittance is for students to apply as freshmen.

  • Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

  • Smallest school at UMich

  • Students need to submit a portfolio

  • School for Environment and Sustainability

  • School of Information

  • College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

  • This is the largest school at UMich

  • Liberal arts and is where the undecided students start.

  • College of Pharmacy

  • School of Public Health

  • School of Social Work

  • Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy:

  • Most students will spend their first two years completing prerequisite coursework.

  • Students can apply to Ford during their sophomore year, and the program begins in a student's junior year. More information about their admissions process can be found here,

  • Rackham Graduate School

  • University of Michigan Medical School

  • University of Michigan Law School

  • University of Michigan School of Dentistry

  • This is the number one Dental School in the country

Application Dates:

  • Early Action: November 1st typically admit more than ½ of class through Early Action.

  • Regular Decision: February 1st Early April

  • School of Music and Dance deadline: Dec 1st

  • UMich. doesn’t use its waitlist often.

Application Information:

  • 66K freshmen applicants

  • 20% selectivity

  • No difference between in-state or out of state applicants on how they review applications

  • GPA is recalculated unweighted 4.0 scale

  • Admissions is a Holistic review and the following factors are considered as part of that process: transcripts, grade trends, core academic classes, how the GPA compares to others in the same high school, average GPA was a 3.9 unweighted, curriculum, rigor, senior year schedule: Honors, AP/IB courses offered, etc.

  • High school curriculum and rigor comes into play with a qualitative review – core academic coursework – what have they elected to take as compared to what is offered. Each major considers context of academics – For example, Engineering will look to see if student has taken AP Calculus, AP Physics, etc.

  • Testing: 32-35 ACT/1380-1540 SAT

  • If the test scores aren’t in on time of deadline, they will not be considered for the deadline they are applying.

  • Highest ACT composite score is considered, will not super-score-they want to see other sub-scores so students are asked to submit all scores.

  • There are too many well qualified students and it is hard to determine fit. Factors that help them determine who is a best fit for the MI community include extracurricular activities, leadership within those activities, awards, and recommendations from academic teacher.

  • Essays give the personal side

  • Looking for interest in U Michigan: doesn’t track it, but want to see it in the essay about Why Michigan? And, Why XYZ major at Michigan?

  • Reading applications is not a rolling application, it doesn’t matter when the student submits, they all get the same consideration as long as they are submitted by deadline.

  • However, it doesn’t hurt to submit early. Michigan is very serious about deadlines.

  • Submit all docs early in case something is missing – everything has to be in (recs., grades – they can see on portal if everything is in) – peace of mind that everything is in…. send in 2-3 weeks early because they will be able to set up a portal within that timeframe to see if all info is submitted.

  • Majority of 10-15K from MI application and all the other applications come from out of state applicants

  • In-state students yield more readily.


  • Housing is only guaranteed for 1st year.

  • There is lots of off-campus housing-some are very close to campus

  • There is an off-campus office to help students with housing

Student Cars:

  • It is not necessary for students to have a car on campus. Campus is very walkable and we encourage students to use UMich.’s free bus system that is available to transport students between South, Central, North and Medical campus.

  • On campus parking options are very limited for upper class and graduate students.

  • School spirit extends beyond football; very proud to be part of exciting atmosphere – students are active outside classroom; so much to do in Ann Arbor; not a ‘back-pack’ school; students stay on the weekends.

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