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Virtual Visit with the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN

Michigan is now offering virtual options to visit and learn



  • The University of Michigan is located in Ann Arbor, MI which is a great college town and walkable city.

  • It is only 30 minutes from Detroit airport and there is a free shuttle to and from the airport during breaks and $10$ shuttle during the other times during the year.

More Information:

  • Large public research institution

  • 30K undergraduate population

  • 6800 freshmen class

  • 7% of international students

  • 20% in Greek life

  • 50% of students are from Michigan

  • All 50 states are represented in the student body

  • 92 countries are represented too

Popular programs:

  • 70% of its programs are ranked in the top 10[MB1]

  • 80% of its programs are ranked in the top 20

  • Research-#1 research institution in the U.S. and students can start research as early as freshmen year.

  • Research spans all the academic programs at UMich.

  • Students can only apply to one program only, except for the art and music programs-students can apply dually to another program.

Study Abroad:

  • #5 in the nation for the total number of students participating in a Study abroad,

Learning Communities:

  • Learning Communities are a good way to transition to campus.

  • Meet other students with similar interests or similar goals.

  • A small community feel to its learning communities.

Honors programs fall into the Learning Communities:

  • Residential College-small liberal arts programs-emphasizing languages

  • Liberal Arts & Sciences LSA: include honors housing and other opportunities

  • Both LSA Honors College and the Residential College have an application process that opens up in the spring of each year.


  • Only admit to certain schools or colleges at UMich, not a specific major/program.

  • There are 14 different schools and colleges, but applicants can apply to seven schools/colleges at UMich as a prospective student.

  • For the other seven schools/colleges, students have to be either a sophomore or junior to apply.

Colleges and Schools at the University of Michigan

  • College of Engineering:

  • 2nd largest in the nation

  • 17 different majors within the School of Engineering

  • Students apply at the end of freshmen year.

  • School of Nursing-smaller program which is a four-year direct admit program.

  • There is no secondary application

  • UMich School of Nursing does accept cross-campus transfer applicants at the sophomore level.

  • Last year Nursing received approximately 1200 freshman applications and admitted approximately 300 students. Nursing looks to enroll in a class of approximately 150 students.

  • School of Kinesiology

  • Another smaller school at UMich

  • Stamps School of Art and Design

  • Students have to submit a portfolio

  • School of Education

  • School of Music, Theater, and Dance

  • One of the top-performing programs in the country.

  • Have to choose a specific major on applications, most will have to submit an artistic profile.

  • Ross School of Business

  • One of the top business schools in the country.

  • 80% of their class for Ross is from high school seniors applying directly into program (20% of spaces left are for undecided students and other university transfers-limited spaces)

  • It is a two-tiered admissions program, they will get admitted to another program first and then the student will be considered for admissions at the Ross School of Business.

  • There are very few spots later in their academic career to transfer into this program. Last year Ross reviewed 6,707 preferred admission applications and admitted 807 of those students.

  • The best chance for admittance is for students to apply as freshmen.

  • Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

  • Smallest school at UMich

  • Students need to submit a portfolio

  • School for Environment and Sustainability

  • School of Information

  • College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

  • This is the largest school at UMich

  • Liberal arts and is where the undecided students start.

  • College of Pharmacy

  • School of Public Health

  • School of Social Work

  • Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy:

  • Most students will spend their first two years completing prerequisite coursework.

  • Students can apply to Ford during their sophomore year, and the program begins in a student's junior year. More information about their admissions process can be found here, http://fordschool.umich.edu/admissions

  • Rackham Graduate School

  • University of Michigan Medical School

  • University of Michigan Law School

  • University of Michigan School of Dentistry

  • This is the number one Dental School in the country

Application Dates:

  • Early Action: November 1st typically admits more than ½ of class through Early Action.

  • Regular Decision: February 1st Early April

  • School of Music and Dance deadline: Dec 1st

  • UMich. doesn’t use its waitlist often.

Application Information:

  • 66K freshmen applicants

  • 20% selectivity

  • No difference between in-state or out of state applicants on how they review applications

  • GPA is recalculated unweighted 4.0 scale

  • Admissions is a Holistic review and the following factors are considered as part of that process: transcripts, grade trends, core academic classes, how the GPA compares to others in the same high school, average GPA was a 3.9 unweighted, curriculum, rigor, senior year schedule: Honors, AP/IB courses offered, etc.

  • High school curriculum and rigor come into play with a qualitative review – core academic coursework – what have they elected to take as compared to what is offered. Each major considers the context of academics – For example, Engineering will look to see if a student has taken AP Calculus, AP Physics, etc.

  • Testing: 32-35 ACT/1380-1540 SAT

  • If the test scores aren’t in on time of the deadline, they will not be considered for the deadline they are applying.

  • Highest ACT composite score is considered, will not super-score-they want to see other sub-scores so students are asked to submit all scores.

  • There are too many well-qualified students and it is hard to determine fit. Factors that help them determine who is the best fit for the MI community include extracurricular activities, leadership within those activities, awards, and recommendations from academic teachers.

  • Essays give the personal side

  • Looking for interest in U Michigan: doesn’t track it, but want to see it in the essay about Why Michigan? And, Why XYZ major at Michigan?

  • Reading applications is not a rolling application, it doesn’t matter when the student submits, they all get the same consideration as long as they are submitted by the deadline.

  • However, it doesn’t hurt to submit early. Michigan is very serious about deadlines.

  • Submit all docs early in case something is missing – everything has to be in (recs., grades – they can see on the portal if everything is in) – peace of mind that everything is in…. send in 2-3 weeks early because they will be able to set up a portal within that timeframe to see if all info is submitted.

  • Majority of 10-15K from MI application and all the other applications come from out of state applicants

  • In-state students yield more readily.


  • Housing is only guaranteed for 1st year.

  • There is lots of off-campus housing-some are very close to campus

  • There is an off-campus office to help students with housing

Student Cars:

  • It is not necessary for students to have a car on campus. The campus is very walkable and we encourage students to use UMich.’s free bus system that is available to transport students between South, Central, North, and Medical campus.

  • On-campus parking options are very limited for the upper class and graduate students.

  • School spirit extends beyond football; very proud to be part of an exciting atmosphere – students are active outside the classroom; so much to do in Ann Arbor; not a ‘back-pack’ school; students stay on the weekends.


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