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Case Western Reserve University


  • Cleveland, Ohio Northeast Ohio

  • Mid-sized university with 5400 undergraduate students and 6000 professional/graduate students.

Four undergraduate schools:

  • Arts and Sciences

  • Engineering (lots of students enter into this major)

  • Nursing

  • Management

Graduate Schools:

  • Dental School

  • Medical School

  • Law School

Popular Academic Programs:

  • STEM fields

  • Music

  • Business

  • Humanities

  • Social Sciences

  • Arts

  • Pre-Health Programs


  • Nursing is a direct admitted program.

Admissions Data:

  • Students are admitted thru a single door to any of the schools at CWRU

  • Exception, music program is audition-based.

  • Once admitted, students can study anything they want.

  • 30% of students will double major

  • Draws students who have multiple interests.

Undergraduate Experience:

  • Strong emphasis on experiential learning opportunities and 99% student do some type of experiential learning before graduation.

  • Lots of great resources like 80% have done some type of research or endeavor

  • 40 % study abroad

  • Navigate Program. Assigned a ‘Navigator’, professional staff person peered with students over four years and meet with students in summer before they start at CWRU. Navigators help with research, internships, etc. Helps students engage in where they want to go.


  • Major research institution.

  • AAU university

  • Cleveland University circle

  • Over 50 educational organizations within this circle

  • Across the street Cleveland Museum of Art

  • Middle of campus next to library is the Severance Hall, Cleveland Orchestra-students can get a season’s pass for minimal fee.

  • Cleveland Museum of natural history is also in the middle of campus

  • Lucy is 3.5 million years old is there-‘Cleveland institute of Music next door as well as Cleveland Art

  • Many hospitals are also within walking distance.

  • All which provide internships, etc.

  • 4 miles from downtown Cleveland

  • Health Education Campus is adjacent to the Cleveland Clinic

  • Dental, Medical, Nursing, Physician Assistant program all under one roof

Other Information:

  • 80%+ live on campus – almost all freshmen and sophomore

  • D3 Athletics

  • Students tend to be focused, ambitious, collaborative, and kind.

  • Over the last few years, applications have been increased immensely


  • 20% of the students are from Ohio

  • 80% of the students are from all over U.S. and the world

  • 15% are international students

  • CWRU meets full need and does provide merit scholarships.


  • Formal relationship between music students and Cleveland Institute of Music.

  • There is a dual degree program for conservatory experience, Bachelor of Music degree.

Social Life:

  • Engaged in a variety of different formal education

  • Greek Life 40%

  • Get into the neighborhoods, go on public transportation, etc.

  • Mitchell’s Ice cream is not to be missed

  • Little Italy is right next door to CWRU

  • Many cultural groups that students belong to.


  • Case Western is setting up virtual admissions events so stay tuned and check its website often.

  • Demonstrated Interest: CWRU reserves the right to use this, but it really doesn’t enter into the final decision. If you live in Ohio, you should visit campus.


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