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1. What is unique about the College of Wooster that College Quest Advising should share with its students?

Every Wooster senior works one-on-one with a faculty member to conceive, organize, and create a piece of original research, scholarship, or creative expression. This mentored research project, recognized as Independent Study, gives prospective employers tangible evidence of our students’ independent judgment, analytical ability, creativity, project-management and time-management skills, and strong written and oral communication skills.

Each year since 2002, U.S. News has asked college presidents and deans which colleges provide the best undergraduate research opportunities and senior capstone programs. Only two have made both lists every year: Wooster and Princeton University.

2. What characteristics differentiate an applicant who is a good fit for the College of Wooster?

Wooster is looking for students who are ready to challenge themselves with a broad and open-ended approach to learning. We also find that students who have a variety of interests are successful here. About a third of our students play a varsity sport, a third are involved in music, and a fourth participate in theatre and dance (and many of those populations overlap!). We are always excited when students bring their passion, hobbies, and interests to campus. Some new groups on campus in the past few years are Women’s Rugby, First Generation Students, Woobotics (a non-traditional robotics club), and Greenhouse (a student environmental organization that sets up Free Store Supply Swaps).

Our Admission Committee recognizes that high school is a time for discovery and growth. We also know that high school graduation is not the end of a student’s development. So, Wooster seeks students who have continuously challenged themselves (course rigor is very important in our application assessment) and who demonstrate an upward trajectory of rigor and academic growth. We are most excited about students who wish to immerse themselves in a diverse, global community of learners who are not afraid to take some academic risks along the way.

3. Do you have helpful suggestions for students who are applying to the College of Wooster?

Our staff is eager to connect with students who are applying for admission. Of course, we would enjoy hosting you during a campus visit experience (and highly recommend this), but if that’s not possible, we encourage you to reach out to an admissions representative via phone, Skype or email (we may also be traveling in your hometown area). The more context we have about your experience, interests and abilities, the more effective our holistic review will be of the application.

And, have fun with the college application essay! Yes – our staff is interested in assessing writing skills, but, most importantly, we enjoy a good story. Take advantage of this opportunity to share a story or perspective that illustrates your individualism.

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